Individual Sponsorship Pricing:

Jersey Logo Sponsor (summer programs only)** -------------------- $250
Social Media and Website Sponsor** --------------------------- $350
Wall Banners (all locations in facility) ---------------------------------- $500
Dasher Board Ad ---------------------------------------------------- $750
Skate Rental Counter Ad ------------------------------------------- $500
Steel Chair Logo Sponsor --------------------------------------- $1,000
On-Ice Logo Sponsor -------------------------------------------- $1,500
Scoreboard Wrap ------------------------------------------------- $1,500
Skating Pass Logo Sponsor ------------------------------------ $1,500
Party Room Exclusive Naming Rights ------------------------- $1,500
Zamboni Wrap ----------------------------------------------------- $1,500
Presenting Sponsor of LTS Program -------------------------- $2,000
Sponsor of Rink Programing (i.e. Youth/Adult Leagues) ------ negotiable
Exclusive Facility Naming Rights --------------------------- negotiable

Sponsorship Opportunities:

1. Website and Social Media Sponsor   
   $350 per 12 months

As a thank you for this Sponsorship level, your buisiness will be placed on our website as well as our social media pages, that are seen by over 5,000 connections every month. Links will be available for our viewers to click and be taken directly to your company website.

2. Dasher Board Sponsorship     
   $875 per 12 months

Your business name and logo will be displayed on the dasher boards surrounding the ice surface. Our 225,000+ annual visitors will see your ad every time they enter the facility!
*Cost of production matierals not included.

3. Wall Banner/Snack Bar Dasher Sponsorship 
   $650 per 12 months

Your business name and logo will be displayed on a wall banner that can be placed anywhere throughout the facility (you choose the location). Our 225,000+ annual visitors will see your banner every time they enter the rink!
*Cost of production matierals not included.

4. Combine #1 with #2 OR #3
   $1,000 per 12 months

Additonal Information:

- *Pricing for 2016 is for one calendar year from beginning of Sponsorship, and includes cost to produce promotional material.

- **Pricing to be adjusted if combined with any Sponsorship option $1,000 or greater in price.

- All Sponsorships are 100% customizable.

- Multiple options may be combined.

- Prices will be adjusted for Sponsors wishing to advertise in more than one location in the facility.

Along with supporting youth ice sports in the Altoona area and great advertising opportunites, your business will be provided with:

-  A long-term patnership that will last at least one full year
-  Associate your brand with other local reputable businesses
-  Your advertisement will target a wide demographic
-  A show of your support for local ice sports
-  Complimentary Skating passes, discounted ice rental, and much MORE!

For more information call Sean McTighe at (814) 942-7500
or e-mail him at